Saturday, 31 October 2015

Waqar Abbas

Waqar Abbas Proud Son of Gilgit Baltistan.

Waqar Abbas.
“I got my basic education from APS Skardu, and completed my bachelors from Sarhad University, Peshawar, where I was among the Top three position holders. After my BBA, I applied for IBA and got my MBA degree from IBA Karachi in Finance & Investments.
I started my Professional Career with HSBC Bank Middle East Limited in 2011 as a Financial Analyst. In 2012, I got an opportunity to work for an Oil company Global Oil Industries (Pvt) Limited as Manager, Finance & Operations and also headed its Corporate Social Responsibility Section under the Umbrella of Meezan Educational Trust, its work stretched from Economic empowerment of ultra poor, Financial assistance for educational programs and School support program. In 2015, I got an opportunity to head a USAID Project in Northern Areas of Pakistan. I am the Youngest Program Manager in USAID Pakistan and currently heading one of its Project in Skardu region.
Graduating from IBA was my father as well as my own greatest dream in life. Because of weak basic education and English, the dream seems almost impossible. I applied for IBA Karachi first in 2004 for bachelors degree I cleared the Maths part with great margin but loosed greatly on English part. From that day till four years, I kept English with me as my breath, before sleeping, after wake up, each and every second my eyes were searching for any English item to read. Everyday, I underlined Dawn and The News editorials and opinion pages just to make sure I must know how to structure sentences, how stories are developed and how to present. Within a span of three years I improved a lot, I got admission is Pakistan’s best business school for my MBA degree. Becoming the first MBA in 60 years of IBA history from Baltistan region.
Getting over things which you never tried is next to impossible. It’s my father’s encouragement and support that helped me greatly stand in tough times. Weak basic education made me fail in almost everything I applied for at the start of my academic journey. At the end of the day, the dream & passion that make you stand before all the tough times. I always dreamt what would it be like when I realize my dream, how the days would be, how will I behave, and how will I manage. And that excites me. I kept making efforts, despite adverse result just opposite of my expectations. At IBA three times I was being on the verge of getting struck off because of my weak English, but then with a continuous improvement model I survived.
The first joyous moment started in 2008 when I got the news of my selection at IBA Karachi, Second 2013 I got selected for Islamic Emerging Leaders Conference UK, Third 2014 I was selected for Asian Young Emerging leaders Program, 2015 My social enterprise got selected as a success story by white house and invited to present it at Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 Nairobi, Kenya, Represented Pakistan in Iran at World Leaders Conference 63 countries 400 Delegates from around the world has gathered in Tehran for this conference.
My Ultimate goal of life is to empower and coach the intellectual brains of Gilgit Baltistan through Entrepreneurship, Civil society empowerment, and Helping them to land at their dream institutions which eventually will give back to society in the form of value investments. We want to make the minds of the youth free from the job obsession which are killing the creativity and innovative skills of the youth. By helping & assisting them in their startups & business management, we will create thousands of Job opportunities by leveraging our indigenous resources of Gilgit Baltistan.”