Tuesday, 15 December 2015

5th province:: what for gilgit baltistan??

Syed Akbar Shah

The Fifth Province of Pakistan.

My junior who is a half engineer now, said, "Agha, You know what, G.B is going to be legally 5th province of Pakistan," with an immense pleasure and joy. His tone was very optimistic to me. I asked him few questions then his energy and optimism started decreasing. Few questions for you all.... 
  1.  What will be the overall impact of the legal province to the nation of G.B? 
  2. What big changes will come in the region?
  3. Is there any financial benefit after being a province?
  4. Will there be some packages after being declared G.B as 5th province?
  5. Will there be any engineering college or medical university conditioned with provincial set up?
  6. What for the jobless graduates of the G.B)
  7. What will be the share in NFC award for G.B?
  8. Will the special rebate on wheat be same as before??
  9. How to regulate the non custom paid vehicles?
  10. What will be the consequences of the treaties between pakistan and the diamer district for open arms and free forest ownership policy?
 Nobody has answer of the above questions???? I said, brother, nothing will be there in the 5th provincial set up. The situation will remain same, but the legal status will be changed on papers. So you are requested not to make false expectations from the 5th province.Two or Three politician from G.B will enjoy the membership of National Assembly, and will be servant of the federal as they are now. Further I said to him.
 "Khuda ne aj tak us qom ki halat nahe badli, Na ho jisko khayal aap apne halta k badalne ka".... 
 Dear G.Bians, no one in the world is sincere to you to uplift your situation. its you who will make your future. so try to be a strong nation rather being dependent on any one else.