Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Trophy Hunting/Games:

Hunting in Gilgit Baltistan.

Like some other parts in Gilgit Baltistan, Northern Areas of Pakistan, Skardu is best for Trophy Hunting. This region provides a unique opportunity for those willing to brave the terrain and wait for the perfect kill.

In different valleys of Skardu like Basho, Shagarthang, Kachura,Skoyo, Karabathang, and Basingo are found Himalayan Ibex (Capra Ibex sibirica) and Astor Markhor (Capra falconen). For centuries trophy hunting in the valleys of Baltistan has been the past time of kings and now the same thrill and excitement is provided to the adventurous visitors who have the license for this game. In Baltistan some of the watersheds have great potential for sports angling. Some renowned species like: exotic brown trout ( salmo trutta fario)& rainbow trout (saimo linneaus) are common in Kachura, Sadpara,Basho & other rivers of Kharmang Nullahs. The local carp (caprinos) & shchizothraz species are found in different areas of Baltistan particularly in Deosai Plain & in Indus River. So if you wish to enjoy fishing in these beautiful valleys, just lay back on the bank of the great rivers of Baltistan & wait for the fantastic catch.This unique area offers short trekking, traditional foods, boating, mountain climbing and sight of the great Indus River.


Baltistan is said to be the birth center of "Polo". "The game of kings and the king of games" is played here even today in its original form. This royal sport is indigenous to the Karakoram Range. It was Ali Sher Khan Anchan the Maqpon ruler of Baltistan who introduced this game to other valleys upon his conquests that stretched beyond Gilgit and Chitral. If you are genuinely interested in adventurism, just come and witness the mighty sport or even you may learn to play the game from the grand masters of Polo.