Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Experimental Methods for Engineers By J. P. Holman

Experimental Methods for Engineers By J. P. Holman, Eight Edition (8th)E, Department of Mechanical Engineering Southern Methodist University.
1. Introduction.
2. Basic Concepts.
3. Analysis of Experimental Data.
4. Basic Electrical Measurements and sensing Devices.
5. Displacement and Area Measurements.
6. Pressure Measurement.
7. Flow Measurement.
8. The Measurement of Temperature.
9. Thermal- and Transport-Property Measurements.
10. Force,Torque, and Strain Measurements.
11. Motion and Vibration Measurement.
12. Thermal- and Nuclear-Radiation Measurements.
13. Air-Pollution Sampling and Measurement.
14. Data Acquisition and Processing.
15. Report Writing and Presentations.
16. Design of Experiments

Book Name:  Experimental Methods for Engineers.
Author:          J P Holman.
Edition:         8th.
Type:             Book / Text / Reference
Format:         PDF.