Friday, 4 March 2016

Types of Government.

Government Types.

Monarchy:- Government under a single individual such as a King
Bureaucracy:- By officials or civil servants; usually deemed inefficient
Democracy:- Government by the people via elections
Aristocracy:- Government of the nobility or upper classes
Autocracy:- A Dictatorship; individual with unlimited power
Meritocracy:- Government by those most deserving
Paparchy:- Government by the Pope
Plutocracy:- Government by the wealthy
Oligarchy:- Government of a few
Matriarchy:- Government by women; whereby only women have authority
Xenocracy:- Government by foreigners
Kleptocracy:- Government by thieves
Technocracy:- Government by technical experts
Theocracy:- Government on the basis of religious laws or people
Paedarchy:- Government by children
Polyarchy:- Government by many people
Stratocracy:-Government headed by Military Chiefs
Anocracy:- Regime of different elite groups,
often Warlords.
Kritarchy:- Government ruled by Judges