Friday, 22 April 2016

How to Earn money by sharing shortened urls or links.

Have you ever felt messed up with these long and complex urls to share or copy and paste, or feel uncomfortable because it cover many space of your page or content area. Or you might have tried to simplify your design area? Here is the solution for links to be share..
In this post you will learn:

How to short long urls or links?
How to shorten links free of cost?
How to earn money by sharing links?
How to make money by shortening links?

Url shortening is a great tool to mange your content and to hide the original link from a visitors. Mostly we shorten our links because we do want a short link. and many do use this techniques to hide their original link, for example one might have a blog or site on a free platform like or, since visitors give less importance to these free hosted sites or might have a very long or awkward domain name. Shortening these links creates a greater chance of clicks on ones site. If you are looking for a site just to shorten your urls or links I would recommend:

Easy to shorten links no signups required and it is completely free of cost. just copy and paste your long links into the url bar and will give you a very short link for you. You can use it any where you want. The one who clicks this shorten link will be redirected to your original link.

You have learned how to shortening links free of cost, but you want to be a smarter guy and you want to make some money while sharing useful links. Yes you can do it. Here I recommend:


Adfly is the highest paying url shortening platform, with 3,380,661 links clicked per day and above 32 lac users registered. One of the clients says:
I love AdFly because it lets my site be exposed to thousands of people all over the world. I get paid for sharing my links, a great way to earn cash.
You can signup by visiting adfly here. It have many wonderful tools like website scripts, API tools and custom domain link shortening tools etc. I simply recommend adfly, I hope you will never regret as am I. There are many other link shorteners you can find out on web, but the best two have been discussed here.