Friday, 21 October 2016

Deosai National Park A dreamland for tourist.

Tour and sightseeing is the best part of human life. Everyone desire adventure in their life. And the epic adventure in life is to enjoy nature. Nature is the only thing which attracts every person regardless of their background. Gilgit Baltistan attracts millions of tourist from across the world every year. Tourist from other countries usually visits for trekking and mountaineering purpose, but many of others visit to enjoy natural beauty, landscapes, lakes and fairy meadows.
One of the best tourist spot is Deosai National Park, also known as Land of Giants, Roof of the World. It is actually the second highest plateau of world, after the Tibetan Plateau which is the first one. Deosai is at the average height of  13,497feet (4,114 metres).

In this post we are featuring Photographer Aoun Jan. All the Photos courtesy goes to him. We are very glad that he choose us.