Saturday, 5 November 2016

Govt to establish "Baltistan University" soon. Education Minister G-B

Govt. to set up " Baltistan University" soon. Education Minister Ibrahim Sanai.
The consultation for" Baltistan University " between G-B govt. & Higher Education Commission (HEC) has entered in the final phase. Minister of Education was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

" I personally have hold detailed meeting with the chairman HEC in Islamabd on Baltistan University. Soon we will give a very good news for the people of G-B, said Ibrahim Sanai.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had promised "Baltistan University" for the region when he visited to G-B   during Gilgit Baltistan election.

Ibrahim Sanai while talking to reporters said there has been a breakthrough & we have seeded up our work in this regard. He vowed the University when becomes will spark a revolution in the field of education which in past has been a victim of corruption.

Baltistan is the second biggest region after Gilgit of G-B. Baltistan has already a campus of Karakarum International University (KIU). Ibrahim Sanai hoped the establishment of Baltistan University will provide higher education to the women of G-B at their doorstep.

He further said PML-N will fulfill all it's promises made during election.