Wednesday, 8 March 2017

By utilizing nuclear power, we can fulfill our energy needs

Nowadays, to become a nuclear power is an outstanding compliment of every country in the world. Although it is not a child's play to have acquired a nuclear capability, every nation has to scarify a lot to achieve this object. Nuclear power brings itself with many advantages and disadvantages as well and every country is fully aware of the same.But to compete with other countries, they are gearing up to confront every stumbling-block.We cannot deny the fact that the nuclear capability has a great importance. To become a  nuclear power country is not a defective in any sense but  every country should pose  less danger to the rest of the world; by having a nuclear power capability is must defend itself as well as to fulfill  its energy needs and make sure to use it for the promotion of violence and posing threat to other countries. But when we look back the past, we easily imagine the misuse of nuclear power and how it was used for destruction of human life as well as nature. On the other hand, a nuclear capability grants many advantages to a particular country; Its importance in the world increases to the great extent and its worth is also recognized internationally. Nuclear power also caters its defense system and makes it potent; it is necessary for deterrence also.By utilizing a nuclear power, we can fulfill our energy needs by producing electricity from the nuclear power plants. Besides this, Nuclear power also brings many disadvantages as well as it is also possible that one can use it to oppress other countries and also this can be the dangerous tool to promote violence culminating in the big crisis in the world.

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The writer is an 'English Literature' student at Karachi University, belongs to Gilgit-Baltistan.

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