Sunday, 20 August 2017

Fly a drone at the world's second highest peak K2, highest drone flying record.

Watch an amazing video of highest drone flight at K2, the second highest peak in the world.
I'm beer and the husband of a charming woman and father of two very I work as a researcher and scientific photographer Charles University in Brock do one could say that I could have account sorry blue black but no there is not my patient may be a creative one drawn I've been into John for a while building some on my own and flying some off-the-shelf ones I consider myself to be a next ruin spoiler looking incredible slides over risen waterfalls in Uganda Africa or flying my drone in South Africa and Lesotho simply admiring the unbelievable nature sceneries I should be satisfied with all of that but I'm not I've been waiting for something bigger than one can do in a week I wanted a big project a very big project as big as project can be and the project came to me well it wasn't a project at all it was a woman this woman Guara maybe she doesn't look it but this is the first female from the Czech Republic to summit Mount Everest she promised that not only the highest point of the world but has also submitted the highest mountains in North and South America and Europe but she has never said on the famous dangerous and mystic k2 she decided to change that and she invited me to join her not really to the summit but as high as I can wave it is drawn she this is finally the challenge that I have been waiting for I have never been so high the highest point I have all my draw net was in the Austrian Alps at an altitude of 3000 years you're fantastic but early not that high right questions came to my mind about the slide at the die therefore I decided to slide this under low pressure conditions in a hyperbaric chamber not really successful is spot on you did the drone can probably fly so high the second problem to solve or can the drone fly in one gram sub-zero freezing temperatures I was waiting for really cold days and on the definitely yes if you warm the batteries enough it can that those questions answered the adventure could begin traveling to k2 base Campbell's long haul first we had to get to Pakistan which took us two days ago ten minutes then he is observable by affirm cars for another day through the rail I was born by a wild river running Dorothy to have some displeasure and finally we began the week long hike leading to the base camp we started at an altitude of 3000 years we could see the snow on the tops of the surrounding ha ha ha in Ireland laughing ah Oh over and the view of the river was already spectacular the vault was not easy at all every step of painful on unstable phones when we were approaching the base camp I decided for one dangerous what's potentially beautiful I ever said right now I wanted to make a small flange of the glacier and the donkey's going on but something happens wrong the couple was flying really high very fast on Versailles moved to Eddie but it doesn't matter I just crush it fortunately I thought about it the gym ball is off the drone is copied Lou a research is that because I was flying with this baby in Czech Republic in Austria and Lesotho in South Africa and here in Pakistan as well this is a fine fine fine fine just questio see everything on here Familia Oliver's having a second third drawn in the box was a really lucky idea after a few days the weather clears and I decided to fly a game so I charge my batteries and try surrounded by insulation you are climbing higher and higher to the kingdom of ice and then altitude you Oh Oh we reached camp 1 the highest point I've ever visited at 6100 meters I cannot come higher as I don't have a permit insurance nor the shoes for that Here I am standing on k2 higher than anyone ever has is alone it looks like I can beat the world drawn high altitude record but the air here is so thin that the rotors are spending almost at maximum speed while the drawing still sits on the ground should I fly Oh you ah Oh