Saturday, 12 August 2017

GPA and Grades Doesn't Matter

GPA Doesn't Matter

You did not get the grades you wanted? So obviously you will amount to nothing now, right?

Because your grades are tattooed on your forehead.

Because 2 years from now everybody will remember your grades - in fact, the Constitution requires you to legally change your name to your grades.

You can only wear clothes with your grades printed on them in Calibri.

You can never be an artist, an expert, a professional because you got a C in Accounts in your O Levels.

No employer will look at your overall track record and your personality but simply focus on a random number assigned by a random examiner on a random day on an exam you took before you were even an adult.

Yes, it might seem like the end of the world today but all your grades say is that one day, out of thousands of days that you have lived, you did not perform to the best of your abilities.

That one day does not define you. You are more than your physics result, you have the world within you, don't shut it out because of a grade.

The British made Pakistanis and Indians feel like shit for a hundred years - don't let them continue to do so by crying over CIEs.

Paraphrasing Iqbal here but:
A Stars kay sitaroon say jahan aur bhi hay, aur bhi hay...abhi ishq kay imtayhaan aur bhi hay, aur bhi hay....