Thursday, 31 August 2017

I do not believe in luck. I believe in Dedication. Inspiration from Gilgit Baltistan.

"I do not believe in luck. I believe in Dedication, Honesty, and determination. I started my education in a govt primary school located in my village Goharabad Gilgit Baltistan. Till class third, I studied in Urdu medium. After this, I moved to a private English medium school. But unfortunately, that was too difficult for me to get enrolled in English medium. Because I was even not aware of English Letters(Alphabets). So told my teachers and parents I will continue my studies in Urdu medium that will be best for me. I got admission in DJ middle School Gitch that is 5km away from my home. It takes almost 2 hours to reach school by foot. We used to study and memorize lectures while going to school and coming back to home. All around it takes 3.30 hours walking distance. It took 5 years of my life to complete my study duration in DJ school Gitch. When I passed Class 8th A higher secondary school Was constructed In Gahkuch. It is considered as the best Institute for quality education. But it was not easy to get admission in this School. I Really worked day and night to clear the test of This Institute. As my family background was not financially good at that time. Even my parents resisted to help me in this regard. But I was Very much crazy to get admission in this school. So one of my brothers helped me out and came with me to get its admission Form. I filled this form. enrolled in admission test Cleared it and selected for an interview. I got admission in this school and stood among the Top 25 Students out of thousand candidates. I spent 5 years in this institute from pre-9th to Fsc Part II. This institute became a blessing for me. It was really hard to study here in the Beginning for me. Because all subjects were in English medium. My first year in this school was very hard. Anyhow, I really worked hard and sustained here. This school has a rule. If you couldn’t meet their criteria they kick you out. But Alhamdullilah I sustained here and I stood among top three students in this whole duration. I got 7th position In all Over Gilgit Baltistan in Matriculation and 4th position in HSSC. Then I got selected for NTHP IBA Karachi. But I was interested in Chemical Engineering so I applied for Nomination for Engineering Seats got selected for Dawood University of engineering and technology. I Got scholarships London Foundation Scholarships and Dawood Treasurer for High achievement in Exams. I became the first female chemical engineer from Gilgit Baltistan. Recently I won Chinese Govt scholarship for Ms in chemical Engineer and the only Chemical engineer and the only girl from Gilgit Baltistan. I was working as operation Analyst in Yunus textiles Mills in Karachi. the company Awarded me Award of Excellence on fulfilling their targets and Goals.