Thursday, 3 August 2017

Poverty and male dominant society are not the hurdles for the success of a GB Women.

I don't feel ashamed to say that I belong to a poor family from a remote area of Gilgit-Baltistan. My father had migrated from Ladakh Kargil to Baltistan. We are seven sisters and have no brother. My parents moved to Skardu for our education. When I was in 8th grade, my father passed away and it was really tough time for my mother to survive in a male dominant society with seven daughters. My mother remained courageous and supported us to get an education. After my Matriculation, I got married to a very fine man who supported me throughout my journey. My husband was also a student and we both were studying. There was no college in Skardu at that time, so I had to take private exams. I did private FA and BA and then B.Com. At that time, there were only 2 girls in GB who did B.Com. After B.Com, I did diploma in Women's Studies. In 1990, there was no trend for girls doing a job and people considered it against norms. Many relatives turned out against me but my husband and my mother encouraged me on every step and I joined AKRSP as a field coordinator. I socially worked for 14 years and in 2005, I got a chance to run for an election of MNA. A cleric from opposition declared 'Fatwa' against me but I remained persistent and let people know that women can also be good leaders. I contested for general elections and became the first woman MNA from Gilgit Baltistan. 

While I was happy and inclining towards success, Cancer got me. I have never given up and cancer was just another chapter of my life. I fought against the blood cancer and survived. After that, I promised to God that I'll dedicate my life for humanity which I am doing. I now work as a legal advisor at 'Access to Justice'. I introduced women entrepreneurship in GB to empower them. I had to face lots of challenges during my journey. People always tried to create hurdles in my path but I kept on moving. I am a housewife, a proud mother of 5 daughters and a son, and a social worker working for betterment of people.