Thursday, 3 August 2017

Some Inspiration from Yousaf Hussain Abadi

Yousaf Hussain Abadi via HOP

There was only one in the village when I started school. I was very keen to learn Quran and Arabic but there was no Islamic school in Baltistan. I learned Quran and Arabic when I went to Karachi for further studies. This learning process took 7 years. I wanted to use my skills of research with what I have equipped myself during my studies, so I started research on War of independence Gilgit Baltistan 1947. It took me five years to complete as I talked to eye witnesses. I published first ever book written on Baltistan, ‘Baltistan par aik nazar’. I was awarded presidential award for my efforts. My love for Islamic learning pushed me to translate Quran in Balti language, which was a very challenging task but I believe I was helped by unseen powers. It took 4 years to complete. I established first ever English medium private school in Baltistan. I have always loved books and collected many to make my own home-library. I made a museum and park for people of my area. I had faced lots of challenges but I never gave up hard work. Whatever I was determined and passionate to do, I did it with the help of unseen power (Allah).

Content Source Humans of Pakistan. HOP