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How CPEC will Bring Stability and Security In Pakistan

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How CPEC will Bring Stability and Security In Pakistan

Saleem Abbas Shigri
Though the wave of terrorism is posing a threat to the stability and security of the country, but CPEC can streamline the security and stability of Pakistan by adding more incentives for other countries to make strategic alliances with Pakistan. In international relations, alliance is formal agreement between two or more states for mutual support in case of any war. Pakistan is experiencing the gravest problem of the so-called instability and insecurity which has become a headache for federation and nightmare for public. Relations of Pakistan with most of its neighbouring countries have seen many ups and downs. Since partition, Pakistan and India have fought several wars over territorial claims, and Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan have been strained for much of Pakistan’s history due to Afghanistan’s claim on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. “Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province belongs to Afghans” (Afghanistan Times). Though Pakistan has cordial relations with Iran, but the recent threat of Iran’s Army Chief has procreated concerns over Pak-Iran bilateral relationship. Despite having these acrimonious relationships with her neighbors, Pakistan has also involved in the war against Soviet Union, and played a vital role in the formation of Taliban. “The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) worked in tandem with Pakistan to create the "monster" that is today Afghanistan's ruling Taliban” (US Expert on South Asia). Later, Taliban led an insurgency in Afghanistan, and Pakistan also became a victim of Taliban’s terrorism activities. In lieu of relationships with neighbouring countries, Pakistan has a serious need of alliance with other countries to solidify and organize political and military support, and maintain balance of power in the region. CPEC provides Pakistan a golden chance to manage her socio-political challenges by attracting other countries with opportunity of economic synergy thereby influences them to form alliances with Pakistan.
As CPEC would bring foreign investments in Pakistan, law and order situations of Pakistan will count a lot for the investing countries especially to China, and Russia. Russia, as well, is showing her interests to align with CPEC. “Russia planned to merge the Moscow-led Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) with the CPEC” (Global Times). CPEC will be an
opportunity for Pakistan, China and Russia to enhance economic cooperation. The alliance of three nuclear powers would reduce chances of foreign interventions in Pakistani territory. As more and more countries align themselves to the mega projects of CPEC, chances of alliance formation also increases and this trend would play a pressing role to rule out terrorism up to a great extent from the region. In the quest of benefiting from CPEC, Afghanistan, India and Iran would eventually become a part of this upcoming alliance. These events would reduce terrorism from the region as neighboring countries would have friendly relations, and it will streamline security, and stability in the region.

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