Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Chunda Road is the need of the hour | Shujaat Kamal

Chunda - One of the most amazing and attractive touristic places of Gilgit-Baltistan but still undiscovered by most of the people due to lack of development works that keep it backward & hidden from people. The very necessary and vital thing that plays the pivotal role in enhancing tourism is the construction of roads. You'll be shocked knowing that this beautiful place which is also known for its historic importance, lacks this facility which is a sheer injustice to the people of this beautiful valley and tourism. The inhabitants of Chunda Valley is continuously demanding to the concerned authority for immediate attention towards their rightful demand for road construction and expansion. This also adds to the difficulties of students who want to continue their education after passing their middle classes as there is no approved high school for the 6000 people of Chunda Valley in this technological era of 21st century. So if there is no education awareness can't be expected and that is what we are witnessing among most of the folks. And for girls, there are no symptoms of education from the outset. Nature has bestowed Chunda with immense beauty and natural resources which needs to be used properly for the development and empowerment of the people. The very interesting thing here is that; Chunda valley is just 5km away from CMH Gamba Skardu Baltistan but still lacks all basic facilities.People representatives; be it Shaikh Nisar sb of PPP or currently Kacho Imtiaz Haider Khan sb; all are aware of people and students sufferings but up till now no commendable steps have been taken from either of them. It is noteworthy however here that some training centers have been opened by the later. I humbly request all political figures, member assembly of Halqa 2, CM GB Hafiz ur Rehman and Chief Secretary and other concerned high ups to take notice and step forward to heal sufferings of the people, students and to boost tourism in the region. And I also expect you to Please spread this for the cause of education and tourism.

Written By: Shujaat Kamal