Sunday, 27 May 2018

Gilgit-Baltistan needs an autonomous set up

The way the committee worked for the reforms of FATA is commendable but the very same committee become blind working for Gilgit-Baltistan. I heard Chairman of constitutional reform committee Mr. Sartaj Aziz in a private TV Talkshow and came to know how effectively and carefully they worked for FATA. They visited each and every agency just to know the feelings and needs of the youth of FATA and their notable. They met political leaders of the area. Also, they consulted with Journalists of the deprived region. The committee wanted to do whatever the people of FATA want. They pondered every option to choose the best. Finally, they came to the conclusion of merger. But when comes to GB Reform they didn't bother paying a single visit to GB to know what people of GB want? What are the Youth of Gilgit-Baltistan demanding? They worked for 2.5 years just consulting with CM GB and PM of AJK. Isn't shameful? Why they didn't come to GB to know the ground realities. This governance order was not what we need at first place. People of GB has been governing for the last 70 years without constitutional rights. They are the people who wanted to become Pakistani by choice after snatching freedom from Dogra rulers and annexed with Pakistan. The brave people of GB since 7 decades running the movement of integration with Pakistan but each time they are fooled by lollipops in the form of governance orders. The federal cabinet imposed the controversial reform order 2018 without taking people and GB legislative assembly members into confidence. What's going on today is that the whole GB is taking to streets against the new order and demanding the federal government to denotify this order without any delay. Their demand for full autonomous set up is legitimate and should immediately be met.